Graduate Development Program – 2022

Why the FG Advisory Graduate Development Program is different to any other…

The FG Advisory Graduate Program exists to develop Australia’s next generation of exceptional Engineers and Project Managers. While working towards a common goal of addressing today’s energy and infrastructure challenges and helping to create a sustainable future for Australia, we will work with you to craft your individual career pathway, with tailored work experiences and development opportunities alongside our leadership team at FG Advisory, that contribute to your personal career goals

Our commitment to you…

At FG Advisory, all Graduates will be supported through a structured development pathway that builds both your professional and personal capabilities, while providing high value work experiences. Leveraging our strong leadership, culture and growth opportunities, you will work on many projects across three business streams, making a sustainable positive impact on the world around you by applying your creativity and innovation to our Advisory, Design and Projects Divisions. Some highlights of our program include:

  • Skills Development Passport
  • Structured Capability Development
  • International Training Experience
  • Board Level Innovation Project
  • Personal Leadership Skills Development
  • Mentoring from FG Advisory and Industry Leaders
  • Your own annual Education Budget
  • At least three rotations over your 12-18 month journey

What we want from you…

We won’t ask you to become better – we will insist on it.

At FG Advisory, we only hire talented, hardworking people – people who can achieve incredible things. We aspire people to become a better version of themselves – to learn, grow, and contribute in more meaningful ways. We want everyone at FG Advisory to improve and make our world more sustainable.

During the FG Advisory Graduate Program, you will be given the opportunity to solve some amazing problems and make your impact felt across our Energy Advisory, Engineering Design and Project Management Divisions, as well as gain exposure to Strategy, Sales and Marketing. During these rotations, you will be challenged to put your best foot forward and you will be supported in these endeavours by your colleagues and leaders.

How will you do this?

Distil complex problems into identifiable challenges for resolution. Think innovatively! Collaboratively solve problems using your creative thinking to drive FG Advisory’s competitive edge. Provide fresh thinking to company offerings and support your team to achieve your divisional goals.

Some of the exciting opportunities you will get at FG Advisory include:

  • Develop business cases, financial assessments, and engineering solutions for projects
  • Design and specify renewables and sustainable energy systems
  • Develop project reports and structured communication plans for projects
  • Perform engineering calculations and modelling computations
  • Liaise with market suppliers for offerings
  • Communicate frequently with clients, staff and contractors

A day in the life of an FG Advisory Graduate…

Are you a standout student who is always coming up with the exciting ideas in a group project for Uni? Excellent, because we are a team full of bright sparks who just love to achieve things!

With many projects on the go, located all over Victoria, it is likely your day will start on a site visit with one of your teammates, or even a fellow Graduate, making sure all activities for the client are going to plan. It is then time to head back to the office in the CBD, as you’ve scheduled in a brainstorming meeting with the FG Advisory Innovation committee (bright sparks, remember!) to come up with the next great business improvement idea!

It is now lunchtime and while you’ll be given the autonomy to make many different decisions throughout your career at FG Advisory, where to go to lunch with your daily meal allowance is always up for debate in the office! A sociable lunchbreak with your teammates will give you the energy you need to power through some of your individual work throughout the afternoon (think emails, phone calls, project planning, designing). But never fear, there is no such thing as an afternoon lull at FG Advisory. Our daily 3:00pm snack time is another chance to socialise with your colleagues and will keep your energy pumping until the end of the day. Only one thing is for sure – every day is different at FG Advisory!

Can’t imagine beginning your career anywhere else?

We are looking for the best and brightest minds entering the industry, so if you are a true professional, with a demonstrable work standard of the highest calibre and a can-do attitude to match, we’d love to hear from you.

Please e-mail your cover letter, current transcript and résumé to Recruitment at recruitment@fgadvisory.com

All submissions must be formatted as PDF documents, with the following file name conventions:
Cover Letter: “Firstname Lastname – Cover Letter.PDF”
Résumé: “Firstname Lastname – CV.PDF”

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