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Growth & Development Policy

FG Advisory prioritises employee growth through a comprehensive Growth & Development Policy for full-time, part-time, and eligible casual staff. Key programs include:

  1. FGA Management Library: A curated collection of literature for ongoing professional development.
  2. FGA Team Meetings: Fortnightly catered meetings featuring TED Talks, guest speakers, and developmental activities to foster growth and critical thinking.
  3. Education & Travel Allowance: Defined benefits for education, training, and travel for full-time and part-time employees, with eligible casual employees receiving a training allowance after 12 months.

At FG Advisory, we’re committed to creating a supportive work environment that drives professional development and maintains our competitive edge.

FG Advisory Diversity Action Plan

FG Advisory is committed to fostering an inclusive work environment that celebrates diversity and encourages employees to contribute to the achievement of business objectives. The Diversity Action Plan focuses on gender diversity, intersectionality, and reflecting the diversity of the Australian working population. The plan identifies five key focus areas for the next three years:

  1. Recruitment: Attract, recruit, and retain diverse staff, with emphasis on gender diversity at management levels.
  2. Communication: Encourage and communicate support for a diverse and inclusive culture through language training, events, and town halls.
  3. Working arrangements: Create a flexible and supportive working environment, offering improved return-to-work programs and diversity-friendly policies.
  4. Leadership: Hold leaders accountable for promoting an inclusive environment through training, reporting, and goal-setting.
  5. Workplace culture: Build a diverse and inclusive culture by promoting significant events and volunteering opportunities and addressing microaggressions in the workplace.

FG Advisory Profit Sharing Policy

At FG Advisory, we value our employees’ dedication and hard work, which is why we have implemented a Profit Sharing Policy to share our success and reward those who go above and beyond. As a permanent staff member, you can look forward to two profit-sharing levels based on hours worked: Partner Status, offering access to a 5% profit pool after 5,000 hours, and Senior Partner Status, which doubles your share, effectively granting you access to a pool valued up to 10% profit after 10,000 hours. Our profit-sharing distributions are made in 12 equal monthly payments, allowing you to consistently reap the benefits of your hard work from July through June. Casual staff have the opportunity to accrue hours toward profit-sharing pools and upon transitioning to a permanent position, become eligible to receive profit shares. Join our team at FGA, and enjoy the advantages of our Profit Sharing Policy as we grow and succeed together.

FG Advisory Environmental Commitment

At FG Advisory, our commitment to environmental sustainability makes us a great place to work for those who value eco-friendly practices. We focus on Circular Economy, Waste Management, Sustainable Procurement, and our own Environmental Initiatives. Our projects are designed to minimise resource use, and we ensure the responsible material selection and waste management. By partnering with ethical and diverse suppliers that align with our environmental standards, we promote sustainability and social performance throughout the procurement lifecycle. FGA proudly holds the TAKE2 Pledge and Carbon Neutral Certification, and we actively work to reduce energy use and emissions. Join FGA and contribute to a greener future in a workplace that cares about our planet.

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